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The Drama

Mark and I met in our previous company in Makati. I didn’t notice him during my first few days so it took weeks before we got a chance to formally meet each other. It was a group night out with our office-mates when we had our first conversation. We got along well as we discovered that we have things in common. After that night, he would always go to lunch with me and my colleagues. We started chatting and texting, until he asked if I could go for a dinner with him. After several dates, we got the chance to know each other better. He gave his personalized cards and gifts but beyond these cheesy things, there was something about him that had me impressed. And I believe the feeling was mutual. 😉

After months of courting, we became official while having simple casual dinner. We’ve been inseparable since then and even after he left for Singapore, nothing had changed. We built our love and friendship fonder with the commitment that even if we’re not physically together, we still should trust each other. We’ve gone through the pain of having long distance relationship and it was all worth it. With all the hard work and prayers, everything went well. Until one day, he made a surprising plan that I didn’t expect to be sooner; a kind of proposal that I never dreamed of having and yet he did. I was out of my senses and still shocked that he went home for my birthday when he showed me the ring and asked me, “will you marry me?” That question hit me and when I realized that these were really happening, I just cried and said, “yes!”

So we started to plan things for our future and it will mean so much to us that we will begin a new chapter of our lives on the very same day, years after we first shared our dreams together.

The Actress
about Grace

The Actress

February 15, 2010, a Monday and just after St. Valentine’s Day when I first saw Grace walked-in to our office which caused a lot of heads turning. She looked like a soft-spoken girl with elegant looks; the right combination for a girl in my opinion. I knew right away that there was no-way I could have a shot with her until one office gathering made our paths crossed.

Our first date wasn’t the grandest but it was enough for me to decide that she is the one I want to someday marry. That was day one and I could swear that there’s not a single day until now that I thought otherwise. She evoked this mother-like figure and she’s the only person in the world who could make me feel that way.

Grace is just a simple girl who likes simple things. A girl who rarely buys fancy stuff but often looks so grand. She would always buy me a shirt or those things she thinks I need but rarely for her own. Among so many other things, being down to earth is what I really like about her. She actually never wanted our wedding to be fab or anything like that. When most woman wishes for a first-class garden wedding, Grace just wanted to be married. Married to me of course 😉

I have always dreamt of having a girl exactly like her and now I realized how lucky I am not only because of the realization of that dream but also because she’s already a big part of it.

random fact #9

She has a birthmark on her right eye called the Iris Nevus. No, sandman didn’t put that there.


The Actor

I can exactly remember how Mark made his first move. :) We worked with the same company but he never had the courage to approach me. We seldom greet each other and never really went out of our way to talk to one another. I thought he was a snob not until we had a meaningful conversation that ended up talking the rest of the night. After that event, I had the strong impression then about his personality, something deep, something unique. And I was never wrong..

Mark is reserved, family-oriented, and a man full of dreams. What I admire most about him is his passion for anything he does especially when it comes to work. He never stops discovering new things and strives a lot until he reaches his goal.  But then again, an ordinary boy still needs to get away from day’s work by spending his spare time with music, movies, and cartoons (hehe). But in spite of his busy schedule, he makes sure he still has time for me. :) His patience and understanding got a very long way for my mood swings and just like ordinary couple, we have difficult times but we learned how to work it all out. There are just so many things to be liked about him.

He’s my mentor who never doubts and always believes in me. He’s very appreciative even to the slightest things I do. And in spite of the differences we have, having him makes me happy and I couldn’t think of anyone to spend the rest of my life with.

random fact #9

His first attempt – Off to go home, he restrained me by inviting me to try “Taho Boy” =))


It was the start of the year 2012 when I decided to go back home and surprise Grace with my wedding proposal. On the 2nd of March she’ll be celebrating her 26th birthday and I want to do it exactly on this day. This was the perfect time because being away from her made it easier to stage a surprise. It was a three-month preparation and it was hard not to show any signs of my once in a lifetime plan. I was so cautious and as a disguise I told her that I'm going away on a company sponsored event on her birthday. Of course she fell for it and as I said good night to her a day before her big day, I was also packing up for my 1am flight to the Philippines. I didn’t say anything other than that and I’m sure she was waiting for any kind of greetings from me.

I landed around 5am in the airport and I am more excited than ever. The traffic jam in EDSA was expected on a Friday morning and it was very hard for me to stay still. While waiting endlessly inside the cab I wonder and I fear: does she have any idea about all this? As I arrived on their doorstep around 6am, her family members were all surprised to see me. Grace, as I expected, was still sleeping. I woke her up and greeted her personally with a kiss. She was in shocked, a solid sign of a job well done. I waited for her to gather herself over and after a few minutes, I took out a small box inside my pocket, gave her the ring and asked: “Will you marry me?” It took a while for her to answer but that was only because she was still recovering from my presence in her room. She finally said yes and in that moment, you would never find a happier couple on the face of the earth.

Mark's proposal book Mark's ticket to the Philippines


These are my girls 😉
  • Mary Rose dela Cruz


    No other maid of honor is a better pick than this younger sister of mine. She knows me in ways that no one else does. The one who would criticize and say the meanest thing if I look fat or ugly.


  • Marie Anne Angela Lape


    One and only soon to be sister-in-law. An artist like her kuya and extremely talented in her own unique style. Our personal wedding designer indeed.


  • Mariane Claire Elvambuena


    When our families blend, she’ll be my little cousin, too.


  • dettedette


    We were college blockmates and until now, we still hang out together and became even closer to each other. A very good listener and she gives the best pieces of advice. Very sweet and caring super F!


  • Jade


    My childhood best friend. We understand each other without saying a word. The person I can laugh and be crazy with and never leave one another during difficult times. Do I need to say more?


  • Anna


    Like Jade, she’s my best friend since elementary days. There were a couple of times when our friendship was tested in which we win through. She still remains my sister by heart.



I can't be without these circle of influences.
  • Von Alvin Hosmillo


    Our influence in life and music matches our DNA. My friend and bandmate and knows almost all of my ups and downs.


  • Patrick Elvambuena


    We could spend hours just talking about cartoons of our childhood days. We played hard during the rise of Online Games. My cousin and friend.


  • Ryan Villareal


    My older cousin who is fact, my first ever childhood playmate.


  • Alberto Adolfo


    My laughing buddy. He would always try to find a way to make me laugh no matter what the cicrumstances are.


  • Julius Pastoral


    No one understand me as a musician other than this metal head. More than a bandmate, this guy's my companion.


  • Tristan Macapagal


    I won't ever forget when we skateboard with our buts in the rain with no undies. How can he not be on this list?


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Grace and Mark Wedding Journal
It's strange how two lost souls meet but we did and now we're sealing the deal.
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